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Rob Acid

Artist – Blue Amazon
Title – And Then The Rain Falls (Re-Connected)
Genre – Progressive House
Label - AREC - Cat - AREC36
Release date – 26 April 19
Review by – Hall North


It’s not often you’re sent a bona fide re-work of what is literally one of THE most inspirational and powerful tracks of your youth.

Alongside the likes of Sasha, Bedrock, BT and Way Out West, the impact – both artistic and emotional – of the music of Blue Amazon on a young me cannot be understated, so it would take some really special remixes to improve on what I have long considered to be musical perfection!  

So it was with great excitement, and – to be honest no little trepidation – that I pressed play on this fresh new batch of remixes of the seminal 90’s progressive house classic: “And Then The Rain Falls” by Blue Amazon.




Tack 1  - And Then The Rain Falls (Paul Sawyer Remix)

First out of the traps is Krafted label boss Paul Sawyer, with a dramatic, driven affair, introducing the main vocal early on, whilst toying with the original arrangement just enough to retain the intensity of the original whilst breathing enough energy and power into it to make it fresh and interesting.

As to be expected from a man of Paul’s skill and experience, production values are extremely high and this is a peak-timer that will no doubt find favour with the likes of Hernan Catteneo and Anthony Pappa.

Track 2 - And Then The Rain Falls (Mike Hiratzka Remix)

Next up is Mike Hiratzka’s darkly pulsating rework from the USA. Driving arpeggiated basslines give way to a pitch-bend-breakdown, all distorted fx and vocal snatches, before kicking back in with renewed vigour and emotional impact.

Reminiscent of some of Sasha’s Involver 2 reworks, it certainly takes the original in a new and exciting direction!.

Track 3 – Acid Frog

Track 3 - And Then The Rain Falls (KoZY Remix)
Remix 3 is from Italy’s KoZY and represents for me, the best of the bunch. Using careful EQing and FX to take those trademark arpeggiated synths to a whole new level sonically, this version really packs an emotive punch.

Sparse use of the vocal may appeal to cooler, more discerning dancefloors, whilst the epic thunder and rainfall outro and tempo changes make this ideal for those ethereal and dramatic set closers.

To sum up then, this is a worthy set of remixes which breathe new life into one of the biggest progressive house tracks of the 90’s, bringing it up to date with modern production values and techniques, whilst retaining much of the energy and emotion of the original classic. All that’s missing for me here is perhaps a remastered/boosted version of the original mix – but perhaps that’s just my nostalgia talking. All in all, it’s great to see this fantastic and often underrated anthem benefiting from a bit of spit and polish to bring it bang up to date again for modern dance floors!

Rating 8 / 10

Track 4 / 5  - And Then The Rain Falls (Damien Spencer Vocal Mix / Dub mix)

Tracks 4 and 5 are vocal and dub versions of the same remix by the very talented UK producer Damien Spencer.

For me these cuts represent the closest in vibe and ethos to the original, using many of it’s distinctive elements (THAT arp, THAT bassline, THAT epic vocal!) to great effect for a pure goose-bump inducing nostalgia fest for those aging progsters among us. Epic pad-laden breakdowns and even more epic drops bring much of the original bittersweet emotion of the original to life in a new and fresh-sounding way.