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Rob Acid

Artist – Rob Acid
Title – Dirtcuts – E
Genre – Techno – Acid House
Release date – 26 April 19
Review by – Pablo C


The Dirtcuts EP landed in my inbox this week, from none other than Rob Acid (Aka Robert Babciz). Babciz has been producing under the alter ego Rob Acid since 1996 and has been fairly quiet for the past few months, until now that is.

Dirtcuts EP encompasses three tracks: 1. Machines took over: 2. Strong Coffee: 3. Acid Frog.

From Rob’s earlier works these three tracks mark somewhat of a departure from the heavily tinged 140 BPM rippers
of 2018 such as ‘Silver’ or ‘The Question’ with a nice lo-fi undertone.  Anyway, onto the tracks themselves. I found two of the three tracks pretty good, the depth and darkness of a basement club would be well served by what’s on offer on this EP.


Tack 1  - Machines took over

This track is the steady thumper of the three in the EP, acid laced as expected but much more subtle use throughout the track, we’ve a nice energetic kick all the way through that keeps a pace, swirling deep labyrinth sounds in the background bring us to the break where they’re brought to the foreground, a bit of reverb and back to our kick drum again.

It’s a nice track, well produced and I would be compelled to playing it at house groove venue rather a club style techno gig. It would really suit in that dark, sweaty, underground basement at 4am before the peak tunes come out. Note to lights jocks: blackout and strobe for the break.

Track 2 - Strong Coffee

Strong Coffee is a track that’s is a little more sparse and minimal in its elements but a production I’m sure many will love.

It’s quite a relentless track with subtle changes and maybe a purposeful sitter track that’s links between track one and three. It got that Robert Babicz sonic edge which carries its identity without employing too much over element.

Track 3 – Acid Frog

Acid Frog is up there with ‘Machines took over’ in terms of a nicely paced acid track. This is deeper than ‘machines’, slower paced and much more of a ‘Journey’ track. You’d fit this in to one of your 2- or 3-hour epic sets earlier on to build energy upon.

The efx are spot on, the builds nice and subtle almost morphing to the front. Nice use of echo/reverb keeps the depth. As with ‘Machines took over’, a sweaty basement is the place for this, a perfect warm up to a long night.

Good EP from Rob, a bit more minimal than his usual but for a different purpose and interesting label concept.  If you play acid techno in intimate capacity basement clubs, this is your EP. 

Rating 7 / 10